LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are a reusable, energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. LooHoos are made in Maine, USA using 100% Domestic Wool. They naturally soften clothes without the use of unwanted harmful chemicals contained in dryer sheet. Because of wools natural ability to absorb odors and toxins, LooHoos will leave your cloths smelling fresh and clean. LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls can also reduce your dry time by 10-25%, saving you time and money. Within a few short months your LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls can pay for themselves.
Add LooHoos to your laundry routine today!


Mint. Cream. Aqua. Soft yellow…
Yeah, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Whether you’re doing a small load or a large load of laundry, we’ve got you covered. Starter dryer ball 3-packs on up to a dozen LooHoos will take care of any size load. Browse our section of wool dryer balls and find which ones are right for your family. Click here to get to know LooHoo better.


Connecting Community

September 20, 2016

Retailer Spotlight: South Perry Yoga There are no chance meetings for Shawn Brow. About 15 years ago Brow was looking for a way to balance the demands of motherhood and her busy career as a nurse anesthetist. When she found the answer she not only changed her life; she eventually opened a yoga studio and revitalized a community along the way.   Shawn Brow recently opened Ground Up, an espresso, tea and smoothie shop in the Buddhio, the building that also houses her South Perry Yoga studio.   Brow experienced an instant connection with yoga. “Yoga is a very grounded practice that is comforting and calming to our body and mind,” Brow says. “The breath has a powerful effect on... Continue Reading →

Meet Spandits!®

September 20, 2016

At Spandits!®, we are about reaching new levels and having fun while we do that! We like to think that when you buy a pair of Spandits!®, you're joining a movement and becoming a part of something much bigger.  We've created a family of ambassadors spanning the country that are adventure-loving social media influencers, who represent our brand at races or competitions.   Our customers reflect our performance-driven design with a go anywhere, do anything attitude. We've got you covered, whether you are looking for something to wear to the gym, track, studio, trail, field, path, sidewalk, beach, school, work or playground. We take pride in our personal touch.  If it's not fit for us, than it's certainly not fit... Continue Reading →

Healthy Living: A Balancing Act

September 13, 2016

By Cathy RislingWhen I was pregnant with my son, I put on 9 lbs. Yes, friends, you read that correctly. Before you peg me for a health nut, read on. It took several heartbreaking years to get pregnant so when the doctor said I was pre-gestational diabetic, I followed his lead. I exercised after every meal, cut out all sweets and greatly reduced carbs. Sodas and wine were replaced with glasses and glasses of water. I lived under the threat of insulin if I didn’t keep my numbers down.   This resulted in a healthy baby and a happy mommy who weighed significantly less at childbirth than she does today, eight years later. I have learned an important lesson since:... Continue Reading →

What makes your staycations fun or unique?

August 23, 2016

Staycations are the new vacations.   No planes or trains, no long car rides. We can enjoy quiet time at home or explore what’s in our own community. Best of all, they’re affordable.     Recently we asked LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Facebook friends about their staycations.     “What makes them fun is that we don't have to go far or spend lots of money to have fun and enjoy each other’s company,” says Lesleeane Chavez. “We can do it right here at home.”   While Bethany Lewis Spencer enjoys camping in her backyard or living room with her family, Lacey Neuman Bissonnette and her brood take one day to live like tourists in their town.   What other... Continue Reading →

When in Maine…

August 14, 2016

Retailer Spotlight: Beachology If you want to understand Maine, consider a lesson in Beachology.   After all, Beachology is the result of thorough research in and around this New England town. And by research, we mean shopping and talking.   In 2007 Maili Lafayette was a Los Angeles transplant who wanted to immerse herself in the local culture. What better way to learn more, she thought, than to turn to local artists, residents and frequent visitors to the area.   Maili had another reason for doing so: She envisioned a store that would represent the heart of this popular coastal destination. Two years later she opened Beachology on Old Orchard Street, perched atop a hill overlooking the ocean.   “Old... Continue Reading →