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From LooHoo Retailers


We just placed our order and we're so excited to try these out! Loved ordering on the website, it was so easy. If only ordering from every company was like this.
Christa - Jill McGowan, Freeport, Maine



We love our LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls both personally and for the store. Customers love the idea of a wool juggler in their dryer cutting down on wrinkles, drying time and the best, no chemicals. Thank You Cyndi for a great product.
Ken & Steve - H2O Closet, La Quinta, California



We've been using LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls in our commercial laundry plant, in a huge dryer with great success. The biggest benefit we see is the reduction of static electricity, which can be a big problem with the loads we dry. LooHoos work great!
Jason, Portland's Greener Cleaner - Portland, Maine 



We at Changin' Time Laundry Service love using LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls which come in a great selection of beautiful colors. Our drying time has been reduced by 10% per load and we're pleased that your product  is in keeping with our companies all natural values. Thank you for a wonderful product, and your dedication to chemical free living.
Maria - Changin' Time, PA



At Clean Bee Laundry, we use LooHoos for all service washes. We’ve found that we’ve been able to reduce the dry time for each load by about 20%. Clothes and towels feel soft and have no static. Our daughters enjoy collecting the LooHoos after use. It’s a nicer, quieter, safer product than tennis balls we’ve used in the past.
Jennifer and Broo, Clean Bee Laundry, Camden, Maine