The Giving Project | LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls

The Giving Project


LooHoos save, so you can give

At LooHoo, we are committed to making big changes in the world

by taking small steps in households and communities across the country.

We want to share this commitment by creating an opportunity to give back.



We’ve created a fun challenge and a way to put a spotlight on giving back. By using LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls our clients save money and we support the re-investment of those savings in local communities. Please send us testimonies and stories of how and where you have supported your local community with LooHoo savings!


We challenge our community to use these savings

to support your local communities.



Please send us a story of where you have donated your LooHoo Love dollars and why you chose this specific donor.

Your story may be featured on our Giving Back page. We all benefit when we donate to a local cause because it strengthens communities and supports local economy.



Stories from Our LooHoo Community


When I think about what I would do with the savings of the loohoo dryer balls I would give it back to cancer research and the docs that helped me win the battle over melanoma. I'm always thinking of ways to give as much as I can to The Morelli Foundation (the foundation Jed and I created after I was given my remission walking papers) and I know that every little bit counts. Whenever I have even a little bit of extra savings it goes right to the cause because over time every little bit helps and every little bit has the potential to become a whole heck of a lot! We believe this is a great way to start focused giving - simple, easy, and totally accessible. I like to call it "Newfangled Philanthropy" - Licia, Camden, Maine




I would take the money and give it to a lower elementary classroom for both an economic and given lesson. I would in-turn ask the children if they had any ideas on how to make the money grow. (Example: Can they buy lemons and sell lemonade?) Then I’d ask the children who/what they should donate the money to. Children see and feel importance in things that we as adults overlook.  - Victoria - Lincolnville, Maine




I would take the money and find a discount store or outlet where I could buy things like school supplies and grooming supplies to give to the homeless and their families. I've learned that sometimes it's the people who have the least that teach us the most and that a little bit of compassion and kindness can change a person's life for the better.  - Gina, California


Our area recently charged a family, yes a family, who were responsible for a dog fighting ring.  Several injured dogs were seized.  Police worked in conjunction with the local OPSCA to close down the operation and rescue the animals.   With the money, I would donate towards the care of animals in the local shelter.  Although many were maimed, traumatized and killed by the actions of humans –  their welfare also depend on our mercy and kindness.  - Jacquelyn - North Buxton,Ontario
















Our pups love our old loo loos to use as a ball for playing.  With the money we are saving from not using dryer sheets, we are going to purchase treats and food to take to the animal shelter this holiday season. We will bring treats to share with the animals along with old towels we have been saving Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas weekend. It has been a tradition I’ve grown to love and look forward to. It’s teaching my 7 year old daughter that all animals deserve love, as we spoil our 2 dogs at home that not all pups are so lucky. Thanks Loo Loos for helping us pay it forward. - Luxepets/Claire Chew