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I love my LooHoos - my clothes are soft and fresh - no smells. Having children with extreme sensitivity to detergents on their clothes they are an alternative solution .  Having used them now on different types of loads, the clothing is soft and fluffy.  


Love these dryer balls!! They are made alot better than some I've bought in the past.
Debbie - Vale, OR


I've given these to many friends and family members.  Yesterday, my son in law told me he washed his down jacket and used the dryer balls when drying his jacket. He was thrilled as his jacket was like new and fluffier than ever, just like it was when it was new.
Margee - Boston, MA


The Loo Hoo Balls took 15 minutes off drying time.That includes flannel lined jeans.   
Cricket - Readfield, ME


I recently purchased the LooHoo Dryer Balls after concerns related to the dry, sensitive skin of my children and myself.  I was quickly amazed!  Our clothes feel cleaner and softer.  The balls are amazing and are so easy to use.  My kids have noticed the softness of their clothes and have made numerous comments.  In addition to softer clothing, I am grateful that I am no longer exposing my family to the harsh chemicals of dryer sheets.  Hooray!
Carrie - Cumberland, ME


I’ve been using my LooHoo dryer balls for about a month now and love them! I can’t imagine not having them and have sent several to family members as gifts.
Cindy - Alamo CA


As a first time user of the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls; it is a very interesting thing to note how softer the clothes feel when we take it out of the dryer.  My husband is recuperating from a car accident; and has an issue with his balance when walking and now he is in charge of folding the basket of laundry when finished drying; and he has a laugh because he never knows which piece of laundry is hiding the balls. So many laughs to add to our situation. Always a pleasure to try something new in life.  This way you never grow old.  My husband is lucky to be alive; so therefore we look at life in a different way; just enjoy small things in life; live and let live.
Grace - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Each gentle bump that I hear from my dryer is a pleasant reminder that there are no harmful chemicals swirling inside my dryer and polluting my clothes. Thanks, Cyndi!
Ed - Toronto, ON


My LooHoo Dryer Balls are great.  They make my towels so very fluffy!
Shellie - Minneapolis, MN


I bought my first LooHoo balls last year while staying in Camden for the summer.  I was so impressed with them that before I left to come back to Texas, I bought them for my daughter in laws for Christmas!  I can't have enough of them!!


Love my LooHoo dryer balls.  Love them so much that I have purchased them for my Son and Daughter to use in their homes.  They got them away from the toxic dryer sheets.  The colors are great, too.  Next purchase is for my Grandson's cat.
Mary Ann


LooHoos work great. In fact I just bought another set as a gift. We dont use dryer sheets after our Pediatrician told me not to use them.  I had been trying to use tennis balls, but- not so good.  And I really like the fact they are made in Maine!
Caroline - Minneapolis, MN

Have been using your dryer balls for two years and cannot believe how wonderful they are. I have severe allergies to fragrance and even the so-called "unfragranced" dryer sheets had enough fragrance in them to bother me. Love, love, love drying my clothes this way. The towels are so very soft, clothes come out unwrinkled and even with a load of polyester, there is no static. Best of all, the clothes seriously dry faster than when there was a dryer sheet in there tumbling around. Congratulations on a fabulous product. I keep spreading the word!!!
Jo Ann - Maine


Purchased the starter pack for myself and liked them so well I bought packs for my daughters and daughter-in-law. Great product, noticeable decrease in drying time. Thank you for your creativity.
Sandra - Jackman, Maine


I love my new LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. They leave my laundry soft, static free, and are great for my granddaughter whose skin is sensitive to many other dryer products.
Adrienne - Bangor, Maine


Thank you so much for your recommendations on how many dryer balls to use. I ordered 12 and they are soooo worth the $. My towels have been brought back to life, acting like actual towels and not soggy mops. The best benefit for me is on jeans. I used to have to add 15 minutes to the "jeans" setting on my dryer to get them somewhat dry. Now they're done and toasty when the dryer beeps (without any extra time). Thanks again for saving me time and towels!
Anne G.


The LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are great. Quieter in the dryer and much less static cling than with the old plastic balls.
Susan - Holden, Maine


We recently had our 2nd child who has reflux, and is a little fussy. Needless to say we were becoming sleepless zombies. I started to notice that she slept better in the kitchen, which is attached to our laundry room...and our dryer that of course contains LooHoo dryer balls. Right now she's fast asleep in her baby seat lulled but the sound of the dryer balls!! Thanks so much!! Just another reason to love your product!!


My clothes dry so much faster, which saves me money…I really love my LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls!
Lynne - Rockport, ME


I received my order and am very happy with the colors!  I have used LooHoo balls for years and love them!  Thanks so much.
Holly - Topsham, ME


Amazing product!  Cut my drying time on towels way down even though I had been using those awful plastic or rubber balls!  Thank you so much!  Gave 6 to daughter in law for Valentine's Day!
Jan - Bothwell, WA


I had heard about wool dryer balls, but was told that you really needed to do some research to find good quality balls.  I found a lot of information on another brand but the reviews were just not very good.  However, many of the people who had issues with the other brand, recommended LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls as the "real deal".  I purchased them, and have been EXTREMELY pleased with them. They shorten the dryer time, therefore saving electric. Also, my clothes feel softer with the LooHoo balls, than with fabric softener.  Another added bonus is that there appears to be much less static cling.  I absolutely LOVE LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, and have recommended them to anyone and everyone.  
Joann - Barto, PA


Since I have been using LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, I have noticed a significant decrease in wear on my clothes and they reduce static electricity beautifully - a must here in cold, northwest Ohio! I'm very glad I found this alternative option to fabric softener. I will continue to use this product for years to come!
Mary - Ohio


The LooHoo Dryer Balls are helping to dry each load more evenly and with an added softness that we really enjoy. Thanks for this terrific product!
Jeanette - Wellesley, MA


I adore my LooHoos and have given dozens of them as gifts.  My clothes dry faster and seem less wrinkled due to the "fluffing" action of the balls.  I appreciate the use of natural wool with no chemical additives.  Also, my kittens and my friend's dog love them as toys.  The kittens now have their very own set of LooHoo pet toys.
Alice - Atlanta, Georgia


I really love how the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls have shortened drying time for our dryer.  We have a really large new washer and tend to wash a lot of clothes at once since it never looks like we have that much in the wash.  However, when we put the clothes in the dryer, we often think we should have washed fewer clothes.  (I have three daughters who like to wear their outfits once and toss them in the hamper.)  The LooHoo Dryer Balls get our clothes dried in record time, even with the larger loads.
Mercedes - Waban, MA


Love my LooHoos. Everything dries faster and softer. Less drying time = Lower Electric Bill. I also don't have to buy dryer sheets. Save Time, Save Electricity, and Save $$$! On top of the great savings are the fun colors! Planning to order a few sets for friends & family.
Terri - Brooklyn, New York


Love LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls.  So much cheaper than buying drying sheets. My clothes come out soft and fluffy.  I love to add aromatherapy to the balls for added scent.
Jana - Lincoln, NE


I love my LooHoo Dryer Balls. I try to avoid using disposable products and was thrilled that there is an eco-friendly way to soften clothes. I have been using the balls over and over again and my clothes still come out of the dryer nice and soft. Thank you!
Misse - Chicago, IL


I wanted to try the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls after I read that the dryer sheets could be toxic to animals. I also support women-owned, small business. I love the dryer balls.  The do their job and last a long time.  Thanks for creating a practical product that is good for everyone.
Carole - Russell, Ohio


I am the biggest fan of LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls! I ordered some for myself to try and within a week of using them ordered starter packs for my whole family for Christmas gifts and more for me. I love that they are made in Maine and all natural with no scents or chemicals and am so glad to replace dryer sheets.
Tenille - Cumberland, Maine


I actually bought my first set of 3 LooHoo Dryer Balls last March when we were staying in Brunswick, Maine for a weekend and out shopping.  It did take me a little bit of time, particularly with things that have a lot of static in them... but now, I rarely use dryer sheets for anything.  I HATE scents, and even the unscented seem to have a smell.  My son (who is receiving a set in his Christmas package sent to Virginia) pointed out that dryer sheets make the towels less absorbent.  I like them so much, I ordered 14 and my sister, brother, and a friend also got them for Christmas.  I honestly think 3 or 4 work just fine. 
Barbara - Londonderry, New Hampshire


I ordered LooHoo Dryer Balls for myself and my boyfriend after doing a great deal of online research and comparison shopping. I chose LooHoos after seeing raving reviews, reading Cyndi's personal story, and because they were the best I could find on the market!  With two growing boys at home, I tend to do large loads while my boyfriend does medium loads, so I got 9 balls for me and 6 for him (as a Christmas gift). So far, I'm loving my LooHoos! They definitely cut at least 20% off my drying time, they aren't overly loud in the dryer, and the clothes have very little static cling. I like the idea of using a natural product for my family that reduces our impact on the environment. One really amazing experience was when I washed our sheets last week. My king size sheets always get bunched up and simply roll around in the dryer, keeping everything inside the "ball" damp, forcing me to constantly untangle them and reset the drying time. With the 9 LooHoo balls, I only had to check on it once and the sheets tumbled freely and dried quickly. I was amazed! I will definitely be telling my friends about this awesome "green" eco-product!
Holly - Cave Creek, Arizona


LooHoo balls are like static magnets, my clothes are coming out great and I live in dry Arizona!
Kasey - Chandler, Arizona


LooHoo Wool Balls are great! So easy, no chemicals, less fluff time and dry time too. Maine made, sustainable, fun and green.  What’s not to love!
Peg - Peaks Island, Maine


The great thing about this product is that the LooHoo dryer balls are rather lightweight-meaning they get the job done when tossing around in the dryer.
Kristen - New Whiteland, IN


This product is even better than its advertising. I have used between 3-5 balls for all sizes of loads.There is no static. Lint and cat hair are bounced onto the dryer filter. There is no residue on clothes and they smell fresh. Yesterday I dried a padded, full-size mattress cover that used to take two, 80-minute "heavy" cycles with commercial plastic balls and dryer sheets, it usually still had a few wet spots from bunching up. With 5 LooHoo balls it was fully dry at 61 minutes!
Kathy - Arlington, Massachusetts


I have been using wool dryer balls for quite a few years now.  They really save you money because you won't need fabric softener or dryer sheets, no harmful chemicals so they are perfect for allergy or chemically sensitive children and adults, plus they make great eco-conscious gifts.
I am so happy that I found LooHoos, I've tried every brand and LooHoos really are the best.  They are slightly larger and more egg shaped than round so they make less noise in the dryer and dry even faster.  I was using 5-6 of my old balls which made a very loud racket,  and now I only  use 3 Loo-Hoo's.  They are better made so you won't have a problem with the ball unraveling.  Well, unless your dog gets a hold of it.  If that happens I just throw it in the wash and it comes out good as new (if he hasn't had it very long). They make great gifts and everyone I have given them too loves them.  Everyone takes a bottle of wine when you go to a dinner, 3 Loo-Hoo's will make a big hit and get the eco conversation going.  
Love, Love Love my LooHoos.

Kella - Naples, Florida


I love my dryer balls! I used plastic ones before. These are less noisy and more gentle. Also, the static build up seems less. Thanks!
Anne - Fort Worth, Texas


A friend recommended trying LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls and they work great!  My clothes are soft and no static.  No more dryer sheets for me, LooHoos are wonderful for your clothes and the environment.
Barb - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I love that LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls keep my laundry static-free without chemicals. I enjoy annointing them with lavender essential oil to give my clothes a subtle scent.
Danielle - South Orange, New Jersey


I love the LooHoo Wool Dryer sweet smell, everything dries quicker, and they are fun and colorful!  And the transaction was very easy.  Thanks!
Julie - Los Angeles, California


Your product is super fantastic!!! I love my set and I've already purchased two more as gifts--I'm sure I'll stock up on more for the holiday gifting season! Tons of thanks!!!
Laura - Los Angeles, California


The LooHoo balls arrived on time.  I had the opportunity to use them over this past weekend. My laundry came out of the dryer soft without static electricity. I found them to be pretty AND functional.
Cindy - Manhattan Beach, California


Did my first load of wash last night using the LooHoos I purchased at Maine Diaper. Instead of an hour, I set the dryer to forty minutes. Everything was dry plus less wrinkled. I am certain this 30% reduction in drying time will be obvious in my electric bill.
Lucy - Damariscotta, Maine


We used the balls for the first time and love them; hope to get more for friends during the holidays. Gorgeous colors! And be careful, if they end up in the clothes basket they may become cat toys! Thanks!
Carol - Long Beach, Califorina


I love these things (LooHoos)! They are so awesome! I ordered 5 the first time (a few months ago) because I hate using so many chemicals and I have terrible allergies. I really didn't think they would work and I would have wrinkled and "hard" clothes/sheets. Quite the opposite. My sheets are just as soft as if I used laundry detergent. In fact, they do such a good job with my towels, that my mother-in-law primly informed me that "you shouldn't use fabric softener on towels." I was so glad I could show her why our towels were so soft and stick-it-to-her at the same time. :) Now that we're expecting our first child, these will work great with the cloth diapers we plan to use. Thanks for making such a great product!
Annalise - Sausalito, California


The LooHoo Dryer Balls are tumbling balls of static prevention in our incredibly dry desert. It is simply remarkable that the three balls left in the dryer to do their thing handle the static beautifully and clothes dry in a snap! I bought extras to give as gifts and it is a lovefest and totally cool as many had no idea!  Thank you LooHoo!
Barb - Scottsdale, Arizona


I've used the rubber dryer balls in the past but the LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are far superior in drying speed and they have the added advantage of not making any noise when they flop around in my dryer when I don't have a full load of clothes to cushion them.
Eileen - Los Angeles, California

I am using the wool dryer balls and I notice no static and clothes drying in less time.  Love It!!!
Renee - Providence, Rhode Island


Being eco-friendly has never been so easy! For six months I have been using my LooHoo Dryer Balls and love the softness it gives to all my clothes and towels.  I even gave them as gifts to family and friends who can’t stop raving about them.  Everyone loves saving on drying time AND their electric bill!
Thanks LooHoo!
Lisa – Greenwood, Indiana


I’ve been using the wool dryer balls for a few months now and really like them.  I don’t use fabric softener as my kids have allergies.  I used to get a lot of static in the clothes but the wool dryer balls cut down the static to virtually none at all.  Clothes dry quickly and efficiently.  I also like the colors, they are fun.
Fong – Nanaimo, British Columbia


“We had been talking about Cyndi’s product for months now, but I had never tried them myself.  So, I recently got a little gift in the mail from a little birdie, Cyndi Prince.  YAY, I was finally going to be able too try this product I had been hearing so much about.  THE HYPE ISN’T WRONG… Not only do they cut down on my drying time, which leaves more time for me to do other things, but it makes your clothes feel super soft too.  I don’t even have to use dryer sheets anymore.  Love my LooHoo Dryer Balls, YAY!!!”
Laura Applebaum – Hermosa Beach, California


I have a set of 6 LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, and love using them in my laundry room.  I find that when I have three or more balls in a drying load, it does decrease the time it takes to dry the load and the clothes come out soft, less wrinkled, and smelling naturally clean – there is no chemical smell that I would get when using dryer sheets.  It feels like a really good natural solution to help make my clothes come out of the dryer ready to wear.
Chelsea – Portland, Maine


I LOVE loohoos!! Drying time is faster and my clothes are sooo soft without perfumes. I will never use a dryer sheet again. Love, love, love them!! Thank you!!
Amy Applebaum – Hermosa Beach, California


We are completely in love with our LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, not only for cloth diapering but for all of our clothes.
Liberty – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I am so happy that I purchased your LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls!  The laundry dries in half as much time and everything comes out so fluffy and soft.  No chemicals and very cost effective!!   Praise the Lord!!!  Thanks for providing a great product!
Jacqueline – Huntsville, Alabama


As a stay-at-home mom of four and a cloth diapering mommy, I see my share of laundry. Living in Maine means that I don’t always get a chance to line dry my clothes, so I would dry my clothes in the dryer plain jane. Now, I am not a fan of dryer sheets and never use them, there are to many chemicals and pungent fake fragrances that are harmful to big bodies let alone the little bodies in my family. Then I heard of LooHoo through a fundraiser at my son’s schools. I knew I had to have these round wool balls! We are a match made in heaven. My clothes come out so fluffy and drying time goes much faster. They are cloth diaper safe too. Even when I use the line I have become accustom to the fluffiness of the LooHoos that I pop the clothes in on no heat for 10 minutes and ta-da! Buy some LooHoos and do a load of towels and see the difference!
Jaime – South Thomaston, Maine


I love, love, love my LooHoo Dryer Balls.  I use them to soften cloth diapers after they are done drying in the sun.  Not only do they work great for the cloth, but I also use them for all our other laundry that ends up in the dryer.  Bye, bye dryer sheets!!!  These things have won this momma over!!!!  Thanks again for such an amazing and awesome product!!!!!  =)
Holly – Middleburg, Pennsylvania


I am very pleased with LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. They are all natural and make my clothes dry faster and without  static cling. I scent them with my favorite essential oil so I choose how my clothes smell. Cyndi gave me great customer service. She emailed twice and followed up with me when my order didn’t go through properly! How nice is that these days!
Meta – Ribera, New Mexico


After fulling hand-woven alpaca scarves in the washer, I dry them in the dryer with my dryer balls.  It hardly takes any time to dry and the scarves come out so soft and fluffy.
Pamela – Cumberland, Maine


I have been using LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls for about 2.5 months and I love them! Especially using them with my cloth diapers, for a while my diapers were coming out kind of stiff and rough, I thought it was a detergent issue, or maybe a water issue, so I tried a couple different brands, but no change. I tried the wool balls and bam! my diapers are *soft and fluffy* like when they were new and they dry in about 1/2 the time they did before. They work great on our clothing also and I can especially tell a difference in our bath towels. I have 5 LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls and they live in my dryer and there they will stay.
Alyssa – Van Buren, Arkansas


Today, I used LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls for the first time on the recommendation of a good friend and was really excited that they shortened the drying time (i.e. saving electricity and time doing laundry) and softened our clothes perfectly well (i.e. saving money on buying dryer sheets). I would recommend highly recommend them.
Tally – Princeton, New Jersey


LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are bar none the best I’ve found on the market. The first dryer balls I tried, from popular brands, looked worn very quickly. They snagged on Velcro on bibs or clothes, and the outer layer soon became pilly. My LooHoo balls, on the other hand, still look like new. After a year of use—I bought them when they were called Wooly Rounds—they have no snags and still don’t catch on Velcro. Better yet, the colors are gorgeous. My laundry, including cloth diaper inserts, is soft and fluffy when it comes out of the dryer. I love LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls so much that I give them as gifts, much to the delight of the recipients. Thanks for making such a great product.
Kristin – Wynnewood, Pennsylvania


Yoo hoo! I love LooHoo! These wool dryer balls are amazing. Not only do they make drying time faster (on my 17-year-old dryer) but I marvel at how soft everything feels when I remove the clothes, towels and sheets. Marvelous!  When one of them disappears (hiding in a pile of clean, dry laundry) I go on a major LooHoo hunt to track it down. Don’t want to lose these little made in Maine treasures! Thank you for a wonderful, safe, sensible, practical product.
Beverly – Camden, Maine